Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hour 7, Love Your Library!

The Curious Reader has posted a mini challenge for the read-a-thoners. The theme is Love your Local Libray. :) My local library is the university library where I go to school, and since it is now open to the public, I think it's okay to use it for the challenge. Happy reading everyone! I've visited about 9 blogs and commented on several. I think I'm going to get back to reading now, so I'll see you in a few hours with updates. Good luck!

Love your Local Library Mini-Challenge

What is the name of your local library? Honnold-Mudd Library

What city is it located in? Claremont, CA

How often do you go to the library? At least 5 or 6 times a week

If you're a regular, do the staff know you? They always laugh or groan when I come up to the counter with my mighty stacks!

Do you browse while you're there or just pick up items you have placed on reserve? I always browse, but since I am usually there for school stuff, I try not to take home too many goodies for fun.

What is your favorite thing about your local library? I love the many different environments it has. There are tons of areas to sit and read or study. Some are more comfortable. Some are more studious. Some are more loud. Some are more quiet. I like the variety, and I never get bored.


Jessica said...

I think a University library is a totally legit favorite! I never got that comfortable in my school libraries . . . it's nice to hear that you love yours so much!
Thanks for sharing.

Trish said...

I keep missing the mini-challenges. :( This happens to me every year. I missed the walking mini-challenge WHILE I was on my walk. Boo!

Hope you're feeling better.

Sharone said...

I hope your headache is feeling better! Go KB, you can do it :)

Eva said...

Your library sounds like a cool place to be!

Care said...

Sounds like you have an incredible library - lucky you! Happy Read-A-THON-ing!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

I haven't found a spot in my university library that I really feel comfortable -- a lot of the shelves seem too tall and intimidating for me. I'm glad you love yours though!

Good luck with the Read-a-Thon!

Tara said...

Wow! You sure go to the library often, I'm impressed. I love your header picture.

Kim L said...

I used to enjoy wandering around my college's library. So many good places to nap :-)

Also, it was a nice quiet place to study.

Best of luck with the read-a-thon. Even though things got off to a rocky start, I hope you enjoy yourself!

Blodeuedd said...

Uni library is sure ok :)
I liked my uni library, still a lot of books I meant to read, but I do haev the card still so :D