Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hours 11 and 12 - read-a-thon!

For my 11 and 12 hour updates, I decided to have my husband Scott take a few shots of me in action. The flowers here in Southern California are beautiful! There was a nice fresh breeze blowing, and it's about 80 degrees outside, so I took advantage of it.

UPDATE FOR HOURS 11&12 (technically halfway, but I started so late!!)

Since last update:

Pages: 102 (Much Ado About Nothing and The Messenger)

Time: 85 minutes

212 pages read
217 minutes reading
140 minutes blogging (mostly looking around at other blogs :)
45-ish blogs visited
0 books finished, but still have hope because a long night is ahead of us
1 caffeine beverage
3 mini challenges (see letter mini-challenge below)
2 ibuprophen taken
lots of stretching of muscles, drinking of water, and listening to Joni!!

What are you all listening to?
Letter mini challenge from Flight into Fantasy asked us to write a letter to a character in one of our books. Cute!
Dear Beatrice (from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing),
I admire your pluck, though I do not understand why you hate men so much. It seems to me that you are far too mouthy for your own good. Since your cousin Hero is getting married to that nice Prince, won't you be a dear like your uncle requests and go ahead and get married to Benedict at the same time? Then you could all be one big happy family. I hear it worked out very well for the Capulets and Montagues over there in Italy.
I hope to hear of wedding bells soon.
Love always,


Trish said...

That's a might big book for a little cutie patooty!! Good to see you--I miss you!

Linda said...

Such a beautiful day! so lucky that you were able to read outside. Still too cold here to do that!