Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon (finished one!)

I finished one of my books!


Since last update:
Pages: 105 (Much Ado About Nothing and And Then There Were None)
Time: 93 minutes

375 pages read
364 minutes reading
170 minutes blogging and reading blogs
1 book finished (Much Ado About Nothing)
1 caffeinated beverage (I feel a Dr. Pepper coming on soon, though)
5 mini challenges (see non-fiction mini below)
1 episode of West Wing watched w/ hubby
1 cheeseburger from In 'N Out about to be eaten!

Mini-challenge from Tammy
What is you favorite non-fiction book and why? What genre(s) do you enjoy and are there particular writers that you would recommend to others? If you don't read non-fiction, why not?
  • My favorite non-fiction book is Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's Good Wives, which is about Early New England women from about 1650-1750. Even though it's non-fiction, she writes beautifully and tells impeccably researched stories about these women's lives. It's a good read, although sometimes slow going.
  • I love fiction and drama, and although I am often pleasantly suprised by poetry and non-fiction, I still rarely read it unless it is for one of my graduate seminars.
  • I read non-fiction biographies and histories for a lot of my research for my degree. :)


Laura said...

Way to go on finishing Shakespeare! I DEFINITELY could not handle reading that for hours on end! Keep up the good reading! :)

Sharone said...

Yay for finishing a book! :) way to go!!

Trish said...

Haven't read Much Ado About Nothing. For some reason everytime I think of Shakespeare now I think of Dr. Kuriyama. !!! :D

Kim L said...

Nice job on the stats! Enjoy the challenges and the rest of the R-a-T!!

Kailana said...

Congrats on finishing one of them! You are reading such 'educated' books! I applaud you!

Karen Beth said...

Oh, Dr. hilarious was that woman? Only she would cut her fingernails during a keynote speaker's talk, fall asleep during her OWN class WHILE she was lecturing, and talk about how hot she was for Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets. What a woman.