Friday, May 29, 2009

in which I learn Spanish and watch films about sleeping women

So today I did something utterly humiliating and took a two hour language exam to try to pass out of Spanish, which I haven't studied in nine years. I've taken Latin courses much more recently (3 years ago), but for some reason the Latin wasn't coming back to me as quickly as it should have, so I went back to studying Spanish. And by studying, I mean taking only two days--that's pretty much all the time I had!--to flip through a textbook and memorize my old flashcards. I wasn't totally prepared, but I felt way better about this test than I did the Latin one. Since I didn't pass the Latin exam in February, I'm really hoping that Spanish pans out for me. It's a beautiful language and has latinate roots that are far less confusing than English derivatives. Plus, since I've finished all of my French requirements in January, I think these two are a good pair for my degree.

I told my husband after it was over, as we were meandering through the grocery store and I was trying to de-frag from the exam, "at least it wasn't excruciating. The Latin exam was excruciating. This was merely painful." I actually completed about 80% of the passage and felt good about 90% of that, so...I really hope I pass this test. I love languages, but I'm not a super-fast language learner.

In other news, tonight we're having friends over for my husband's famous burgers, my famous drinkies, and other good stuff. I am looking forward to unwinding con mis amigos a la fiesta. ;)

BUT BEFORE I can relax even just a bit, I have a meeting with a former professor who is willing to help me work out a filmography for my grant-funded research project for 2009-2010. Does anyone out there in the blogging world love classic films and film noir? I DO!! I've been analyzing the issue of females attacked in their sleep in crime movies and mysteries for a huge project. Let me know if you have any films in mind that I should add to my list. I love suggestions and recommendations! Ciao <3

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MamaErin said...

Good luck with your Spanish test! I loved studying that language... if I had any desire to teach high school I would have majored it.