Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days like these

(c) Ella Strong Denison Library, Image from the Claremont Colleges Photo Archive

Days like these, when I'm reading as much as I can, I wish I could surround myself with a cathedral of words, a house of beautiful books. Here's a picture (albiet a decades-old picture (and yes, Sharone, I just used your least favorite word, albiet, albiet, albiet)) of one of the libraries where I go to school. I wish I were there right now!
But, I wouldn't miss this homecoming football game for the world. :) I'll see you guys after the game!


109 pages read (KB)

around 4 hours reading time off and on
50 pages read (hubby)

1 caffeinated beverage

3 big glasses of iced water

5 blog updates

30 blogs visited so far

wearing: jeans and t-shirt for the game

currently listening to: college football


Trish said...

What what?

Aggies 35
Tech 14


I know I know, but I need this. I don't think my Aggies have won in like 9 years.

kikiv68 said...

I send you happy and warm reading wishes from sunny South Florida. I hope your team wins!

Maree said...

Going great! :D

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

Your library looks like a perfect place to spend the Readathon - although they probably wouldn't let me bring my tea and snacks, right?

Glad you've had fun reading. Good luck for your team at the game.

ccqdesigns said...

Now that it's past midnight and our eyes are drooping lower, it's time for us night owls to get our second wind! So here is a big HOOT from Alabama. Keep on Reading!!!! Just a few more hours to go!!!!

Go Reading,Go Reading,Go Reading!!!
the Transcendentalists team!

Valerie said...

Looks like you made progress during the readathon! Hope you are enjoying it; I know I am!

Bybee said...

I could live in that library. sigh.

Hagelrat said...

I would live to live surrounded by so many books!

CeeCee said...

Looks like you enjoyed a fun readathon! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!