Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon Update #3

picture found here, posted by someone trying to sell a set of these beautiful books!

How is everyone doing? I'm really having a good time with my husband and my books. The exercise was much appreciated, and now I'm settling back into my cozy spot in a big chair with Waverley, which is actually a hoot. I've never read any Sir Walter Scott novels, only some short fiction many years ago. Ivanhoe is the novel most people read of Scott's canon, but my advisor asked me to read Waverley, which is the first of the Waverley novels, a group to which Ivanhoe belongs. Since I've been so focused on mid-Victorian English novels, Sir Walter Scott somehow missed my radar until now, as he is forced upon me for my doctoral exams. But, he's actually laugh-out-loud funny in parts, if you can get past the please-kill-me-now descriptions of every mountain and craggy hill in Scotland. However, having been to Scotland and as a student of late Romantic literature, which thrives on details such as wind, trees, and jagged cliffs, I am hanging in there with the big dogs!

Readathon Updates!

50 pages read (KB)

15 pages read (hubby)

1 caffeinated beverage

1 big glass of iced water

3 blog updates

15 blog visited so far

wearing: big t-shirt and pj pants

currently listening to: loud neighbors
healthy snack: almonds and dried cranberries


Trish said...

I love that you and Scott are reading together! My Scott is off riding his motorcycle. :) At least it's quiet.

Never read anything by Sir Walter Scott--would Grass approve? :P

millymarie said...

Your doing excellent. Keep it up! I hope your loud neighbors quiet down soon. :)

Eva said...

You're done with the first third of the read-a-thon!! I hope you're still enjoying yourself! Keep it up! :D

THat's so neat your husband is doing it too! And I'm already at 3 caffeine drinks, hehe. (And 6 glasses of water!)