Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Read-a-thon is going great so far. I'm very sleepy since it's been such a long week, but I am hanging in there and looking forward to the fresh air out on the tennis courts. I'll be gone from home from hours 3-4, but I'll be back to read when our class is over.

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40 pages read (KB), Bleak House
15 pages read (hubby)
1 caffeinated beverage
1 big glass of iced water
2 blog updates
10 blogs visited so far
wearing: cute pink tennis shorts, tennis shoes, and a big t-shirt
currently listening to: The Weepies Hideaway album


Aarti said...

Ooh, Bleak House! Not sure how it is there, but today is a perfect day for that sort of story in Chicago- rainy and cold!

Trish said...

Have fun with the tennis!!!

Lenore said...

I've always wanted to read Bleak House. Keep up the great work!

Belle said...

You're doing great! Good luck with the readathon!