Saturday, November 14, 2009

honest x-mas

Last year I posted my Christmas list and (much to my surprise) people actually shopped from it! There were only a few things on my list, such as CDs or books or TV shows on DVD, that I didn't need, but only wanted, and those were the things I didn't receive. I'm actually glad about that. I don't need stuff. Our families were so generous--they always are--and we were blessed more than I ever imagined we could be with the thoughtfulness of those who love us. This Christmas, we want to spend time with family, and that's the best gift. Our families love Jesus and celebrate Him, and that is why we can't wait to see them again during the holidays.

This year, I'm asking solely for things that I need, will use, and/or already have a place for.

1. bookends.

Somehow, in all my years of college+grad school and the hundreds of books that Scott and I own, we don't have any bookends. Actually, we have one. We have one bookend. I think I bought it for about 30 cents at a fellow grad student's yard sale. He only had one, otherwise I would have bought two. The one doesn't help us much, being all alone in the world. I would LOVE (and could totally use!) one or two pairs of bookends.

2. sitting pillow

Because of our abbreviated living space and not having a large comfy couch, I do a lot of my grading of papers and reading in bed. I have some neck and back problems, so a pillow that would let me sit up instead of propping up awkwardly on pillows would be a very helpful, very useful gift. I found this one, which seems pretty simple. I've also seen something called the BedLounge which looks like the Ritz Carlton of sitting pillows. Yowzah.

3. colored ink pens

I go through a pen about every three days since I do so much grading, writing, revising, commenting on drafts, ect. I love using colored pens on my students' papers because it keeps me awake, and when I run out I have to use boring blue and black. I'm not an equal-opportunity pen user. I like colored ink pens and gel pens, and I do need and use them.

4. tennis shirt and skirt or shorts

Scott and I have been playing tennis for a few years now, and I've never had the right "gear" for it. I don't have any athletic shorts with pockets, which it's essential to have when you're playing tennis and need a place for tennis balls. I usually wear old t-shirts and running shorts when we play, and I'm never comfortable because they're not right for the sport. Since we started taking faculty tennis classes together at the college where we teach, I think I would play better if I could have proper tennis clothes to wear to class each week. I would probably need to try these on before purchasing, perhaps a gift card to a sporting goods store?

5. an attachable book lamp and/or book stand

These are pretty self-explanatory and would be used everyday.

6. Coffee grinder

Ours broke from overuse. Ha!

7. A few other kitchen helps: cheese slicer, garlic press, zester, round pizza pan

8. A new non-stick frying pan, since ours has been turning into a stick frying pan.

So...not a super-exciting list, but at least it's honest. These are things that would make my life (full of marriage, three jobs, grad school, and crazy California nonsense) a lot easier in 2010.

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