Sunday, April 11, 2010

Readathon hours 13-14 (and 15-17)

Oops, I'm a little bit behind schedule on my readathon update posting, so I'll try to get caught up right now. Scott and I had a YUMMY dinner (corned beef, cabbage, and other veggies!), and after that I didn't last long before falling right asleep. Now I'm back up after about a 3-hr nap (hours 15, 16, and 17). Little Women is finally finished, but in my opinion it could have concluded about 50 pgs sooner. I am still conflicted about the end but have to move on if I want to add more pages to my total today.

Readathon totals so far:
Book reading right now: Wilkie Collins's The Law and the Lady
minutes read hours 13-14: 57
minutes total: 468
pages read these two hours: not enough
pages total: 273
books completed: 1- Little Women
minutes blogging/commenting total: around 100
cups of coffee: 3
glasses of water: 5 big ones
minutes spent napping: 180

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

You absolutely win most thorough and unique stat post of the folks I've visited to cheer on :) Way to go on your reading so far; Little Women is such a great book. Keep it up; we're getting close!!!