Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(I) love this boy.

I love my little nephew, and I can't wait until I have one more! Timothy has been the cutest , sweetest, smartest nephew ever and now there will be another little guy in the family! I don't have to wait too long anymore. Christy's due at the end of September.

Scott and I had a wonderful time visiting home, and of course it was too short of a trip when all was said and done. We needed to get back to CA and back to work, and time stops for no Karen Beth. We got to see a great number of friends and family while we were in TX, though, and I got to attend my 10-yr reunion, even though it was cancelled! (Long story, but it was cancelled due to not enough tickets being sold, and then an "unofficial" reunion was planned in its place.) I also was able to throw my sister a baby shower for baby #2. I was blessed in so many ways on our trip home. For me, this was one of our best trips home since we have moved out here.

I miss my sister and her husband and son. I miss my parents and Scott's parents. I miss my cousins and relatives by marriage. I even miss the people I went to high school with.

We've been back for about three weeks now and are fully immersed in planning for our semesters at both schools, as well as working on our dissertations as much as we can. I finally got a better hold on my Jane Eyre chapter, and now I'm way more organized on my topic than I was before we left for TX. It just took about 90 days of brooding over it, ya know? Then something finally clicked.

Two of my friends are taking their qualifying exams today, and I am praying and thinking calm thoughts for them. I know how difficult these exams are, and I am excited to see them *almost* done with the exam process. Dissertations are a whole different ballgame.

Okay--enough school talk. Let's see some pictures of the aforementioned cutest nephew ever.

Cookout at Scott's parents' house: Mom and Dad

Christy, me (Aunt KB), and my nephew Timothy

Mmm, strawberry cake.

There's no doubt what my husband will look like in 30 years. :)

Timmy, just bein' adorable. (age 3)

Tim and his trains


Timmy and his mommy/my sis Christy

Tim and his aunt...goofing around

Tim and his Uncle Scott (I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!)

It's a Timmy sandwich! Cuteness abounds.

Until next time!


Trish said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post last month but Timmy is ADORABLE! When I saw him was at your wedding and he was just a little pea of a thing. Bet he's excited for little brother to hurry up and get here!

Karen Beth said...

I'm not sure if he completely understands the concept of little brothers yet, but he definitely knows that something big is about to happen. He knows about babies from his day care, and I think he is happy about getting to live with one. We'll see how long that lasts!