Wednesday, September 8, 2010

difficult life lessons, part one

School started today, which means hubby and I began our fall schedule of waking up at 5:30 on MWF mornings to go teach, between the two of us, our five writing classes from 7:15 a.m.-11:35 a.m.  Early does not describe that time of morning adequately.  But perhaps painfulQuietPrayerful. And this morning, rainy.

I already love my students.  I can tell they are pumped about starting to party college, and as much as I joke about them, freshmen hold a special place in my heart.  Ten years ago this week, I started college far away from my family and friends, and my choice of college has impacted nearly every part of my adult life.  It's been a wild, wild decade.  What surprises will the next one bring?

Life lesson from today:  it is exponentially more difficult to put on mascara at 6 a.m. than at 8 a.m.  *Sigh.*

What have you learned today?

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Miss Rita said...

Well, first I'll say something helpful. Do not get dependent upon coffee or soft drinks. The truth is, at some point, the toxins from those drinks must work their way out of your body, and in order to truly get them out, your system requires "healing" sleep. So, since you are not able to sleep, do not become dependent upon any stimulants besides orange juice.

Next, I have learned today that forgiveness is incredibly rampant in a heart filled with love. I was worried that a former (and loving) ex of mine would not take me back right away, because I do not exactly have a good track record concerning my own selfish behavior. I wrote them and laid out all of the logistics, as much love as I could cram in, mailed the letter and held my breath for all of two days. I received a very expensive phone call today, so that I would not have to wait on a letter to get to me, telling me that I am loved greatly, no hard feelings are held, and (upon receiving a reciprocation of his love) that he loves me MORE!