Monday, September 13, 2010

life lessons, part 2

It seems that sleep is no longer just my dissertation topic.  It's the one thing that never seems to happen at the right time.  When it's time for bed, my body is all spazzed out and ready to party.  When it's time to be up and alert, my body feels like molasses on a cold day.  Sllllllowwwwww.  (Yeah, bad analogy, but give me a break. I'm tired.)

I'm trying to eat right, minimize the caffeine, and get at least 3-4 hours of exercise a week.  And yet my body can't get into a good sleep pattern.  If this keeps up, I might just konk out in front of my classroom of students.

Innnnn other news, my sister's baby is almost here.  Her due date is a week and a half, but she probably won't last that long.  This kiddo wants out!

*Added thoughts from later in the afternoon: It occurs to me that I have provided zero life lessons in this post.  So, here's my attempt at reconciling my title faux pas. 
  • Lesson #1 of the day: always email professors when you plan on visiting their office hours.  99% of the time, the hours will be cancelled on the one day of the semester you show up. 
  • Lesson #2: Try not to cringe or laugh when a student asks you if you're Asian when you're clearly a southern white chick.  Stick to yes or no.  Or there's always the joke, "Why yes, I'm CAUC-Asian."  Seriously.

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