Sunday, September 26, 2010

response from journal

I received a response from the film journal this week.  It turns out that they won't send my article out to reviewers yet because it's still too long, even after all my cuts.  I hadn't counted the footnotes, and I thought I was barely below the maximum, but it turns out I'm still over by about 1000 words counting all the notes.  Back to the cutting board.  I really want to publish this article!  (Nag nag nag blargs the list of other, more pressing things that need to get done right now, such as my dissertation.  Blarg.)

PS:  My sister is still pregnant!  This baby boy simply will not come out.  It's 3 days past d-day, but he's just relaxin, hanging out in the warm belly.  I'm starting to think about this baby the same way I do about my film article.  It's (taking) way too long, but I love love love it.

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Rita Meggers said...

Well, as you said, you felt like you were cheating because the footnotes took up so much space. Your sense of morality probably took over at that point. :)