Saturday, May 21, 2011

How did you get here?

I'm totally laughing out loud, and not the LOL kind, the actual audible kind.  I just checked my statcounter account (after about a year of forgetting I even had one).  You can do a keyword analysis to see what people type in to Google to discover how they arrive at your blog.  Most people are googling "pink bookmarks" and winding up here, probably experiencing general disappointment that I'm not selling the things, but there are some really funny Google searches.  Here are some of my favorites, with no editing involved on my part:
  1. grad school turned down what next?
  2. bookmarks of squirrels
  3. how to make a my own bookmark with pink
  4. baby shower bookmark saying this bookmark is to remind you
  5. tsa prohibited pink items
  6. the coolest pink bookmarks
  7. workcited
Now you're the one laughing.  I kinda feel sorry for the poor person rejected from grad school who ended up at my blog.  Especially since the only thing I really know how to do well is be a grad student and teach students.  What's next, they ask?  It seems like there's a market for selling pink bookmarks.  I would start there.


Trish said...

TSA bans pink items? ;)

Hope you're doing well!!

La Donna said...

Thanks for the comment at my blog! I'm still figuring out how to reply to a comment a bit easier, but until then I'll do this. :) So true to about sticking up for what you believe. I thought it would get easier with time, unfortunately that's not the case. Oh- that is so funny about your google search. My #1 thing is fallowing santa- most of that happened around Christmas. HA! I thought fallow was spelled follow-;)

Rita Meggers said...

Okay, so I tried to find out the intended website for the bookmarks of squirrels, and all I found was the recipe for a Pink Squirrel (alcoholic beverage):
1 oz Creme de Noyaux
1 oz Creme de Cacao
1 oz Half and half
2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream.
Blend with ice. Serve. Invented at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge.

I'm happy that someone searching for is likely to happen across your blog. :)