Thursday, May 19, 2011


My spring went by in a whoosh-blur-bang.  I flew home for a very quick trip in February to be with my family for my grandfather's funeral, a mere month after we found out he had cancer.  I still have not sorted out my thoughts about the trip and the experience, the sadness, the confusion...but I am moving forward each day and praying that my mother's strength has been passed down to me.  She is like Wonder Woman, except my height.

In the meantime, my father's elderly mother has had a stroke and is now in a health facility for therapy and day-to-day care.  My heart is breaking for both sides of my family.  I can't be there with them, but my thoughts are there.

So much happened this semester, but most of it was a blur of busyness and pain, strength and progress.  I was teaching, writing, tutoring, researching, working what felt like every minute of my existence.  Scott and I flew out to Florida at the end of March for our annual CEA conference.  We had a much healthier time of it this year--no major illnesses involved, no Kleenex-box-carrying and Day-Quilling involved.  It was a special trip for both of us, and we presented well-written papers that inspired hearty and thought-provoking discussions.  We both felt like it was a successful trip, and I'm so glad we were able to go together.

I have submitted two articles to journals this semester (which are not part of my dissertation), and an article I wrote last year has been accepted for publication as a chapter in an edited collection of essays.  I've been hired for a large book project that...I won't really talk about yet.  Maybe soon, once I figure out how I feel about it.  But I have high hopes for my two articles that are under consideration right now, and I'm thrilled about the third one that was accepted.

April happened and somehow so did a dissertation chapter.  My advisor has already sent me positive feedback with helpful advice.  I'm already working on my next section. Stay tuned!!

It's May, actually quite late in May, and Scott and I have finally started getting back into a writing schedule now that our grades are posted and our school-year jobs are complete for a few months.  We celebrated our friends' graduations and are working with every effort we can muster toward our own graduations.  (If I can afford the gown and hood!  $700+ seems a little cha-ching, don't you think?)

Every day is one day closer.

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Rita Meggers said...

I'm so proud of you, Karen.