Monday, May 12, 2008


So, I'm sitting here with my sexy sexy roll of toilet paper since we're out of kleenexes. Yes, boys and girls, I am sick. Scott caught a cold, and then I caught his cold, and both of our immune systems are shot because of this semester, so it's hard to get over them. Might I just add one more word? Achhoooo.

I'm having a very hard time getting going on my Gothic paper, but at least I have a few pages. I need to work like crazy today, but I'm just not feeling well enough to think straight.

Also, it was about one in the morning when I realized I hadn't called my mom back in Texas to wish her a happy mother's day. I'm the worst daughter in the world. I guess I'll be calling tonight... :( It's been a rough weekend, and now it's Monday. Joy!


J.M. said...

Yes, I've also heard some things about Mraz's new album. The good news is that "I'm Yours," one of my absolute favorites, has finally made its way onto an album. The bad news is that its definitely not the best version out there. I tend to like him before the studio gets to him. He also does a song with Colbie Callait, and I'm not sure I like her.

Stefani said...

Im sorry you are sick :( Get better soon!

Sharone said...

:( Sick and having to write a paper is definitely a bad combination. But you're almost done :o) It will all be over soon!! The sick part and the paper part. If you can grade all those papers and keep up with the crazy students while taking a full load of classes, you can handle something like a wimpy ole paper. :o)