Sunday, January 25, 2009

today I am grateful for

  • a patient, forgiving, and loving husband and the beautiful match we make

  • the nutritious food on our plates, fresh fruit, warm bread

  • books books books, in every room, under the beds, scattered on floors, piled on tables and nightstands, filling the car trunk, hiding under stacks of old mail, weighing down backpacks

  • the jobs I have shown myself capable of handling, in any situation--good or bad

  • the meager but well-deserved paychecks

  • the talents God has given me, and the strength, wisdom, and courage to keep trying even when I am scared or don't know what my talents will ultimately be used for

  • ...literacy.

1 comment:

MamaErin said...

I'm thankful for books too... and whatever spare time I might have to read one! Currently in the middle of the second Twilight book (New Moon?)and "Raising Boys" by Focus on the Family's James Dobson