Monday, April 28, 2008

Finals Week

It's finals week for my students, and I wish them all luck. I actually loved finals week back when I was in undergrad. First of all, you don't have to attend any of your usual classes, so you have so much more time to study. Second of all, you know that it's almost over...if you just wait one more week...

Claremont still has a few more weeks of school left, so I'm working hard to get in gear and get my work done. I've been reading a lot, grading a lot, thinking a lot, etc. Mostly, I am excited for the summer to begin so that I can start reading some new books!

I already know that Victorian novels and Postmodern Novels are at the top of my list, since I'll be taking those courses in the fall. But, I have some other books on my nightstand that have been waiting patiently and collecting dust. So, I'll be very relieved when this is all over. By "this" I mean papers. Even after the semester is over, I'll still have one more from last fall to complete, but at least I'll be one step closer to completing coursework like the responsible and studious girl that I am.

In other news, it looks like I'll have more classes with my friends in the fall! I am happy about that because this semester I didn't have a single class with Sharone, only one with Jan, only one with Stefani, and that's not enough for me! I think I fare much better when I am surrounded by people I care about. How's that for motivation? Apparently the good grade is not enough...

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