Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puppy Love

We're accused of being mushy and too lovey-dovey in public, but I say who cares! I love my husband!

Over the past few weeks, Scott and I started reading to each other every night before we fall asleep, which is such an awesome little tradition that I hope we keep alive. Our first book is Dodie Smith's 101 Dalmations. Yeah, it's a kids book. Yeah, it's like a fifth grade reading level. But, honestly, who wants to read something difficult or philosophical or critical right before bed? We get enough of that during the day. Our nights deserve to be a little less complicated and a little more fun. So, we're going to be reading children's books to each other--books that either one or neither of us have read that should be in our repertoire as future (VERY future) parents. It's nice to fall asleep listening to each other's voices. Relaxing. Reassuring. Romantic.

The next book that I hope we can read is either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, or perhaps The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I suppose Scott must have a vote...


Sharone said...

I will refrain from making any comments about all your lovey pictures and people who shall not be named...I love this tradition!

And welcome to the blog world :o) So glad you could join us. (I am, as you can see, an old pro...)

J.M. said...

Yes! Another interesting site to add to the list of things I want read before I get to the things I need/have to read. Having internet friends makes procrastination easy and fun!

Welcome to the 'blogosphere.' BTW, I love your reading list. :D

Stefani said...

Yay, you have a blog! I think your pictures are adorable- especially your wedding pictures. I'm glad I got to see ya at finer things, it seems like I never get to talk to you anymore. :( Just thing- one day we will have our lives back!