Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have finally compiled my read-a-thon list, which is so exciting that I think I might have to do a little dance before typing any more...

*long pause*

Allllrighty then. Back to business!

My read-a-thon list is quite awesome. Starting at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, I will be reading...

"Non-negotiable…" selections

Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare—for my Shakespeare class

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare—for my Shakespeare class

The Devil's Dominion: Magic and Religion in Early New England by Richard Godbeer—for my American History course (I'll probably add this to my non-fiction five challenge list)

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie—for the Intro to Lit course that I teach. My students start discussing this book on Tuesday…

Henry V by William Shakespeare—for my big ‘ole paper due in a month (blah)

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins—I have to write a paper on this novel before school is out to finish my incomplete in my last nineteenth-cent. British lit course. I should re-read it or at least get a good chunk re-read this weekend.

Just for me, but still academic-y.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne—because it’s soooo good.

Hard Times by Charles Dickens—for my Classics Challenge J

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens—because Dickens is my homeboy

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen—because I’m the only one (and by “one” I mean mushy book-crazy girl) I know who hasn’t read it.

For fun, for ME!!!

All Cooked Up Elvis Cookbook—to make the read-a-thon hip shakin’ good (for Non-fiction five challenge)

Being Perfect by Anna Quindlen

The Messenger by Lois Lowry

Dr. Dredd’s Wagon of Wonders by Bill Brittain

Does my list make you happy too? Enough to dance?

Here's another list. It's things I've done in the past 24 hours. Lots of numbers.

I have...

  1. graded 39 essays, 4-7 pages each
  2. slept 2 hours
  3. taught 2 classes
  4. caused 2 students to cry
  5. written about 15 emails for the transdisciplinary Text course
  6. received my big Amazon box in the mail with 7 new books!
  7. danced 1 happy dance
  8. spent about 1 hour w/ hubby
  9. eaten 1/2 of an enchilada that I brought home from El Ranchero a few nights ago. YUM.
  10. compiled my weekend's read-a-thon list
  11. danced 1 more happy dance
  12. made a list on my blog with 12 items

And the answer is "yes" if you have asked, "is she going nuts?"

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Trish said...

LOVE this! I was going to read And Then There Were None for the 'thon, but I decided since I don't own it I should concentrate on the books I DO own.

Yay for happy dances! I've been doing those a lot lately. :)