Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Losing Weight

Since April, I've given away roughly 40 books to my budding literature students and another 50 to a book collection fundraiser for a student's trip to Kenya.  I have donated a full large garbage bag full (about 30 lbs.) of gently-used but too small clothes to a charity collection for women and children who had been victims of sex trafficking.  My husband and I recycled a TV, remote, scanner/printer, and old VCR at Best Buy.  We took an almost* full set of hand-me-down dishes to Goodwill.  And I finally went through my filing cabinets and folders that I started filling at the beginning of grad school and teaching jobs, and out to the trash went more large bags of evidence of six years of academic blood, sweat, and tears clutter, not counting the reams of one-side-used paper we kept to recycle for unimportant print jobs.

I'm definitely losing weight, one day and one cleaning task at a time.  It might not be the weight around my mid-section or my thighs, but it is weight that has been emotionally and spatially heavy in my life for too long.  This summer, I'm all about losing.  Only when I've lost the excess will I be able to find myself.

What kind of weight do you need to lose?

*I let my dear husband keep a mug from the set, which has bass fish painted all over it, handed down from my husband's brother who received the dishes as a gift from his ex-girlfried from a decade ago.  Need I say more?  You're welcome, Goodwill.