Sunday, July 8, 2012

Plainview, week one

I don't have the right words yet to describe our move from Glendora, CA to Plainview, TX, but I can tell you that Scott and I are TIRED.  We got to our new house about a week ago and are certainly not all unpacked.  We don't even have our furniture in the right place because we are still having workmen come into our house to fix things that weren't done before we got here (cabinets, air conditioner, etc.).  So, hopefully our day-to-day lives will start making more sense and we can stop living out of boxes within another week or so.  I'll feel more like I moved here by that point (here's hoping...) than only feeling like we are taking a really long, strange, expensive, and stressful trip.

I'm 100% excited about starting my job at Wayland Baptist in August, but I do hope that Scott and I are less exhuasted by that time.  I've said this a hundred times, but moving across the country is HARD.  We need a vacation and a generous supply of naps, otherwise we might not make it to October, much less the end of the school year!  Also, there's a bit of anxiety in the back of my mind because I'm not completely done creating my syllabi for the classes I'll be teaching, but ...right now I can't find the box I need with that stuff in it.   So, I am giving myself permission to wait until my boxes are slightly more unpacked before I jump into my course planning again.

The good news is that it only took me three days to find the box in which I packed the coffee, and four days to find the coffee filters.  I said, "Okay, Scott.  I can finally call this place 'home.'  The coffee's officially unpacked."  :)

My sweet, sweet nephew Kallan was born this past week, so Scott and I are uncle and aunt again--this time on his side. Both our other nephews are on my side of the family, so it was really special to welcome a new family member on his side now. I don't have pictures, but you have to trust me that he's cute as a button and small as one, too. My oldest nephew, Timmy, will be turning 5 this week. Can you believe it? Wasn't it just yesterday that the munchkin was one? What did he ask for for his birthday? Fruit snacks and hero action figures. I'm on it!

We've been blessed with help over and over by our friends, family, and colleagues before, during, and after this move.  God's love shines through those who love others, and we have been taken care of and loved on all fronts this week and last week.  I'm ready for our next adventure.