Saturday, March 30, 2013

In which we have and eat our cake, simultaneously

Night Owls Cupcakes 
Picture from Image is a link to the website.
I want to wish everyone a blessed Easter Eve.  Today, I've been thinking a lot about the women who appeared at the tomb of Jesus only to discover it empty.  I've been thinking a lot about faith and obedience.
2013 has been stressful but also wonderful thus far. My husband was offered an awesome job at the same awesome university where I teach.  He'll start full-time in the fall.  We're officially off the job market and in the market for a house.  A home.  In the process of learning the ins and outs of this little town, we've decided that this really is where we want to stay, for at least as much of the future as we can imagine, which I suppose is another way to say the short end of long term.
But, in making that decision, we also decided that if the short end of long term turned into the rest of our professional lives, we would likely be very happy about that, too.
Reese's Pieces Kit Kat Cake
Picture from the Love Bakes Good Cakes blog. Image is a link to the blog and recipe.
This is not where we imagined ourselves, back when we used to lie in bed in the dark, doing our out-loud imagining.  We never talked about small towns, only cities.  We never talked about specifically Baptist universities, only generically Christian schools, or private schools.  We never talked about living this close to the moms and dads and brothers and sisters and their babies (within 45 and 75 miles), only hoping beyond hope that we might find somewhere in this tri-state area.  But we did ask God for his guidance, and we prayed daily for the faith to be obedient to his call, even if it was to go somewhere we never imagined.
We never imagined it was possible to have our cake and eat it too--and I blame the people who circulated job market horror stories without also circulating success stories.  Here we are, having our cake and most definitely eating our fill.  Two full time jobs in the same town.  Amazing.
Rainbow Cake from Cake Chooser
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This cake isn't the flavor we were expecting. In fact, it's unlike any cake we've ever had before.  (...maybe it's pie?)  But we like the newness of it on our tongues, the unusual flavors on our palettes. We're hoping this is just the first crazy slice of many.  STAY TUNED.

P.S. Which of these cakes would you want to try?  I'm taking a poll. :)